Ernest Hemingway got it right when he said, ‘there is no friend as loyal as a book.’ And it just so happens that recently I made a very good friend. As you can see from the photo, my copy of Professor Steve Peters’ The Chimp Paradox is well read. It has been loyal to me and others; read in it’s entirety and read only in parts; and is my current companion on a journey of self improvement.

This blogs sets out to record the daily interactions of myself and my chimp, both of whom you will meet soon enough! We live in a beautiful part of the south coast of England, near the sea. Our family is crazy blend of myself, my partner, his three children and three of my own. My chimp and I work in a school; a place where legions of chimps roam free! You can see why self improvement has become important; there are many, many chimps in my life!